The Lexicon gives you access to key data by therapeutic area (e.g., IBD), both new and old, as well as summaries of clinical trial designs – all curated by the steering committee, and easily searchable. Studies can be accessed by using the search feature, or via the navigation panel.


Browse Clinical Trials

This edition of CT Lexiconʼs IBD library includes over 90 key studies. When you start using the Lexicon you will find all the studies indexed alphabetically, by the acronym or short name by which each trial is commonly referred, to help you locate studies more efficiently. Scroll through the entire list or use the index system to quickly navigate through the alphabetical listing.

Bookmarked and Recently Viewed Clinical Trials

As you browse the database of clinical trials, you can bookmark trials of interest for easy reference. Click the bookmark icon in the upper right corner, to select or deselect a study. All bookmarked studies can be easily accessed from either the home screen or from the filter settings. Bookmarked trials are listed alphabetically by trial acronym/short name. The app also keeps track of the 25 most recent trials you have viewed. As with bookmarked trials, you can access the list of recently viewed trials from the home screen or using the filter settings. The trials are list from most to least recently viewed.

New Trials

As new trials are added by the steering committee to the Lexicon, they will not only be available in the general library of trials but will also be specifically listed on a page of new trials. As you view each of the new trials, they will be removed from the list of new trials but continue to be accessible by browsing all the clinical trials.

Whenever you enter the application, you will be notified if there are new trials available. If you have turned on application notifications for the CT Lexicon app, then you will also receive a notification on your deviceʼs home screen whenever new trials become available You can turn on and off application notifications in the appʼs settings.

Filter Trials

The filter option includes quick access to the predefined groupings of trials accessible from the home page of the app – New Clinical Trials, Recently Viewed Clinical Trials, and Bookmarked Clinical Trials.

The filter feature also includes the ability to refine the trials that are displayed as you are browsing all the clinical trials. You can choose to have the trials displayed by study name (the default setting), author, journal that published the trial, and publication date (including start and end date options). With any of these options, you can further refine the list of trials to display based on disease, molecule, or brand.

Search the Lexicon

Use the search feature to reveal a list of trials containing a specified term. Along with searching the information about each trial, the search feature will also search any notes that you have added to the trials. The feature will auto-suggest terms as you type and will carry out best matching in the case of alternate spellings.

The search will be conducted in context of the current filter applied to the Lexicon. For example, if you are viewing studies that you have bookmarked, the search will only be applied to the list of bookmarked studies.

Clinical Trial Entries

Each entry will provide, as available, some or all the following information:

  • Associated disease
  • Molecule studied
  • Associated brand
  • Abstract: including background, methods, findings, and interpretation
  • Reference link: Open the original reference in your default browser. Once opened, you can use a publication specific account to access the full article.
  • Clinical Trial link: Opens the clinical trial in your default web browser. Once opened, you can use or request specific account credentials to access the trial.
  • Study Design: Some of the trials include visual study representations of the study design. Tap the thumbnail graphic to open an interactive version. To navigate this larger version on smaller devices, touch and drag left or right to reveal more of the visual. You will see a design “map” that shows you where you are within the larger element. This map is also interactive. You can click, or click and drag, to navigate within the larger visual design. Clicking on any of the more information icons will reveal additional details about a specific element of the study design.
  • Notes: Each trial also contains a notes field for you to make additional notes associated with the clinical trial. These notes are stored only with your account information and are not accessible by, or shareable to, others using CT Lexicon.
Limited Use: Personal Private Study, Research, or Education

You may only use the CT Lexicon (app or web version) if you are a healthcare professional. You may only access and view these studies for your personal private study, research, or education. The studies and other content in the CT Lexicon may not be printed, downloaded, nor distributed. For details, see the Terms of Use.

Section 2 Credits

Your account includes an interactive and downloadable form you can complete and upload to MAINPORT to qualify for two (2) RCPSC Section 2 credits per hour.

Selection Criteria

“Criteria” - The details that standardize the decision by which content is decided upon to be published for each edition. This criteria has been determined by an independent steering committee of IBD experts.*

  • Study must have an acronym (or lay reference term)
  • Patient population are patients with IBD (Ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease; adult and pediatric)
  • Pivotal Study1
  • Must include therapeutic intervention2
  • Balanced cross-section of features with consideration that there is a fair representation3 between different treatment options

1Pivotal Study = Defined as highly referenced, highly relevant to clinical practice

2Therapeutic intervention = Include 5ASA, JAK-I, Biologic, diet, surgery, and other non-pharmaceutical interventions

3Fair Representation = Chosen by an independent panel of IBD experts

*The selection criteria listed is specific to this edition of IBD Lexicon, and is subject to change with subsequent editions.

Steering Committee

Jesse Siffledeen, MD, FRCPC, MSc (Chair)

Jesse Siffledeen, MD, FRCPC, MSc (Chair)

University of Alberta, Covenant Health, Edmonton, AB

Sharyle Fowler, MD, FRCPC

Sharyle Fowler, MD, FRCPC

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK

Christopher Ma, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Christopher Ma, MD, MPH, FRCPC

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

Yvette Leung, MD, FRCPC

Yvette Leung, MD, FRCPC

IBD Centre of BC, Vancouver, BC

Michael Stewart, MD, FRCPC

Michael Stewart, MD, FRCPC

Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS